Best Toys to Encourage Outdoor Play

Something about nature and movement is soothing and regulating to all of us - especially those with ADHD. We’ve found that having a wide selection of fun outdoor toys enhances the amount of time our kids spend outside. We also love to camp and go fishing, and some of these things are the perfect no-tech additions to trigger creativity and fun on our camping trip.

Other Gift Ideas

Hyperactive kids with ADHD often feel a constant need for motion and activity. We’ve found that the more physical activity and sensory input our kids receive, the better. There are some amazing activities that can be added to the home or yard to give them a designated place to exert a lot of energy. Most of these involve deep-muscle impact as well, which helps calm the nervous system. 

Our kids are their happiest when they are moving, and this helps them funnel that energy in a safe way. Plus - these are all FUN and make perfect gifts.