Shopping Guides

We’ve consolidated our favorite products and recommendations for ADHD gifts for children and adults into handy shopping guides. There are so many awesome fidget toys, toys for boys, girls, and adults, books and workbooks, sensory items, and ADHD jewelry options available that we sorted through and grouped the best ones. 

I like shopping a little too much. Throw in a strong dose of indecision and a healthy serving of ADHD-related hyperfocus, and I can easily spend hours searching, researching, and deciding on one item. We’ve morphed that product knowledge into shopping guides to help you find your next can’t-miss item. Many of these have been recommended by our ADHD therapists, OTs, or doctors, some were suggested by other ADHD parents, and others are just things that we LOVE. Shop happy!

20 Best Sensory Toys for Christmas Gifts

We’ve found some things that are very helpful for our kids with ADHD - and truth be told, we adults ended up keeping some of them for ourselves. We’ve bought dozens of sensory toys - from fidgets and slime to hammocks and bean bag chairs - over the last 10 years. Here are the ones that becameour favorites. 

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